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According to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, our thoughts, feelings, and behavior are interrelated. Our thoughts affect how we feel and act. How we...
Posted in: APhA Open Forum
There really is no shortage of mindfulness and meditation apps these days; it seems like a new one is released every week. An app can be a wonderful...
Posted in: APhA Open Forum
We should be collecting these comments to present to “the powers that be”—or whatever you want to call the ownership stakeholder— pharmacists not...
Posted in: APhA Open Forum
Cynthia, As I said, I understand your concerns for patients.  Believe me, I have the same concerns.  That is why I left chain pharmacy for a much...
Posted in: APhA Open Forum
Elizabeth—I know it is easy for us to say, when you are continuing to do do do... but I am a pharmacist too— and I help practices become more...

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