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- How do I get my certificate of achievement reissued? I have recently requested my certificate -- what is the status? 

Visit for information to request your certificate of achievement or how to find a certificate that has been recently reissued.


- I need to redeem an enrollment code. I need to look at courses in which I have recently enrolled. Where do I go?

On, select LEARN on the purple navigation menu bar, and then select My Training.


- How do I find APhA’s Education products? Where do I find organizations that host APhA’s certificate training programs? How do I enroll?

Discover APhA’s education products and how to enroll by visiting You can also browse the organizations hosting our certificate training programs to pharmacists outside their organization using that same webpage.


- Why am I Being Asked for an National Provider Identifier (NPI)? Which NPI Do I Provide?

For answers to these questions, including a link to NPI's Registry, visit


- I have just enrolled in a Program - Where Do I Access It?

For the answer to this question, and answers to other enrollment FAQs, visit


- How do I obtain my CPE credits? Where are my transcripts of CPE? I cannot find my credits on CE Broker; what do I need to do?

For answers to these questions, visit


- Who do I contact for APhA’s InfoCenter, APhA's Education team, CPE Monitor, and/or Education Technical Support?

You can find the full roster of contacts for all things Education at


- My professor says that I need to change my designation to student pharmacist in APhA’s Learning Management System.  How do I change this?

If your designation has changed since you were last in an APhA Learning Activity, or if you have incorrectly designated yourself, get the step by step instructions and/or watch the tutorial video today. 


- I have a Pennsylvania pharmacist license. What requirements are needed so I can immunize in Pennsylvania? I need my page 2 signed. Who do I ask to sign it?

You will need to register with the Pennsylvania Board within 2 years from the date of the immunization program which you attended. Find these answers and view the requirements at


- Where is my Admin Dashboard? Where is my Coordinator Kit? My Organization is a Licensed Partner of APhA - Our coordinator has changed - Who do I need to contact?

Coordinators of our Licensed Partners will find their management tools in their respective Coordinator Kits and on their Admin Dashboard.Find these answers and more at


- What technology requirements do I need to complete an APhA online course? Do you have some troubleshooting tips that I can use?

Visit for Technology Requirements and Troubleshooting Tips. Still need help? Reach technical support with our vendor, Conduent (formerly LearnSomething) at 1-877-399-4925 or Make sure to provide screenshots too! 

APhA ENGAGE – APhA’s members-only online community

What is APhA ENGAGE?

APhA ENGAGE is a collection of online communities for APhA members: student pharmacists, new practitioners, specialty pharmacists, and more. 


What is my username/password?

You will use the same username and password that you use to log into If you have forgotten your login credentials or need assistance with your login information, you can select "Forgot Password?" or "Forgot Username?", and reclaim your password.

How do I update my contact information?

From your profile page, select the pencil icon next to “Contact Details.” You can also select the green buttons featuring this symbol "+" on that same profile page.


Is there a video of how to set up my profile?

Log into your account, hover to “My Profile” on the purple navigation bar, and select the grey “My Account” tab. Choose "Privacy Settings" from the drop-down menu. This will let you control what information is visible to whom. After you’ve made your changes, click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page. View the video tutorial on other details in setting up your profile (VIDEO: 2 min 30 sec).


Is there a code of conduct for using APhA ENGAGE?

The code of conduct was developed in support with APhA management and the Internet Services department. It discusses survey/marketing research on the site, discussion etiquette, and more. You can find the ENGAGE Code of Conduct on the purple navigation bar next to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). You can also access it now.


For the rest of the APhA ENGAGE's frequently asked questions, video tutorials, code of conduct, and more, please visit: .



- How do I sign up for membership on the website?

Visit the Join page.


- How can I reset my password?

Visit the sign on page and select Forgot Password or Forgot Username?


- What are the membership benefits?

You can view the benefits online:


- How do I purchase APhA logo products and books?

Visit our online store:


- How to nominate someone for an award?

Visit for details on the different award nomination processes.


- How do I sign up to receive Pharmacy Today?

It is part of your membership welcome package. You can update your subscription via your online account on


- What is the cost of membership?

Costs vary according to your professional level. Visit


-What forms of payment do you take for membership?

APhA accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, and personal checks made out to American Pharmacists Association.


- Do you offer a payment plan for membership?

Yes we do. It is selectable during the enrollment process.


- How can I change my last name?

Visit your APhA account and update your information.


- How do I get a receipt for membership?

Your receipt is listed within your online account.


- Is my membership still active?

View your account online to verify. You will also receive a notice during our seasonal member drives.


- What is my membership number?

The membership number appears in your welcome letter and in our membership database.


- How long will it take for my membership to be processed and made active?

It should take no more than 7-10 business days.


APhA Meeting Registration   

- What is the difference between basic and premium registration?

The premium registration package includes registration, Meeting Highlights Video on Demand, and access to live and online continuing education. Visit or for more details.


- What is the Video on Demand?

Select education sessions offered live at the Annual Meeting are recorded for viewing later as a home study activity. View the current video on demand offerings.


- What forms of payment do you take for registration?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and personal checks.


- Can I register onsite for either Joint Federal Pharmacy Seminar or Annual Conference?

Yes, you can. It is optimal to register early for the special price discounts though!


- How do I get a receipt for registration?

You will receive a confirmation by email. This confirmation is your receipt and verifies your address, contact information, additional offerings, and amount paid. 


- What if I need to cancel my registration?

All registration cancellations must be in writing to the APhA InfoCenter. Cancellations received are refunded less an administrative fee. No refunds are allowed for cancellations received after a to-be-determined date. Ticketed event fees are non-refundable except when an event is cancelled by APhA.







updated 5/3/17 e.n.d.



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