APhA releases zoster vaccine comparison chart

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New tool helps keep pharmacists up to date on new and current vaccines

Pharmacists and other immunization providers should understand key differences between currently available herpes zoster vaccines: Shringrix (GlaxoSmithKline) and Zostavax (Merck). APhA has developed a one-page reference PDF for providers to post in their practices.

The document provides information at a glance about storage (freezer vs. refrigerator), vaccine type, route of administration (I.M. vs. subcutaneous), dosing intervals, age of patient recommended to receive the vaccine, contraindications, adverse effects, and concomitant administration.

“Practice changes based on available evidence and new products. It’s important to keep up with changing immunization guidelines,” said APhA Chief Strategy Officer Mitchel C. Rothholz, RPh, MBA. “APhA’s resources help you stay on the cutting edge with current recommendations and new product introduction.”

To access and download the PDF, visit pharmacist.com.

For more information, APhA members can sign up at no charge for the Immunizing Pharmacists News Mailing List and ACIP Immunization Update webinars.

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