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APhA Academy of Pharmacy Practice and Management

The APhA Academy of Pharmacy Practice and Management (APhA-APPM) is dedicated to assisting members in enhancing the profession of pharmacy, improving medication use, and advancing patient care.


APhA-APPM News and Highlights

New CPE Webinar 

Statistical Testings in Excel: Practical Applications Webinar

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Wednesday, February 21, 3:00-4:00 pm (ET)


Join the APhA-APPM Preceptor Special Interest Group for Use of telehealth to enhance pharmacy services during transitions of care. Learn how to organize and run statistical analysis in Microsoft Excel to fuel research and quality assessment/improvement activities. This is a must-see webinar for student pharmacists, pharmacy residents, and pharmacist researchers. 


Nalin Payakachat, BPharm, MSc, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Pharmacy Practice
University for Arkansa Medical Sciences
Little Rock, Arkansas


Preceptor SIG New Practitioner Spotlight: Lauren Lakdawala, PharmD, BCACP
Dr. Lakdawala is a 2013 PharmD graduate from the Virginia Commonwealth University. She completed a PGY-1 Community Pharmacy Residency at John Hopkins Home Care Group, and stayed on at John Hopkins as a Clinical Coordinator of Specialty Services. Dr. Lakdawala is responsible for fertility services and high risk pregnancy program at John Hopkins Outpatient Pharmacy. In addition, she works with patients receiving specialty medications in other service areas such as Hepatitis C, Inflammatory Conditions, Growth Hormone, and Multiple Sclerosis, just to name a few. 
Dr. Lakdawala has served in several leadership positions. She currently serves as the APhA New Practitioner Advisory Committee Member-at-Large and as a New Practitioner Mentor to the University of Maryland APhA-ASP Chapter. Dr. Lakdawala also serves as the Maryland Pharmacists Association New Practitioner Network Chair.
At her practice site, Dr. Lakdawala precepts IPPE and APPE students from the University of Maryland. She has also offered shadowing experiences in specialty pharmacy services to students at Duquesne University, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, and Ohio Northern University. Additionally, Dr. Lakdawala also serves as a preceptor in the PGY-1 Community Pharmacy Residency program at Johns Hopkins Home Care Group, serving as longitudinal preceptor in leadership rotation for policy committee, and focused rotations in patient care (fertility services, Hepatitis C, and staffing).
Dr. Lakdawala clearly has a passion for precepting. She states that she was fortunate to have fantastic preceptors as part of her experiential education at VCU School of Pharmacy. Their dedication to her pharmacy learning and professional development made her realize as a student that I want to give back to future pharmacists in the same manner. One of her former preceptors advised her, “You always have to pay it forward”, and that sums up why she is a preceptor – to continue to give back to the profession, helping it grow one day at a time.
Dr. Lakdawala shares a rewarding preceptor experience: “On a particular rotation, a student encountered a patient who was non-adherent to their Hepatitis C medication. The student decided to take initiative and follow the patient closely in the last two weeks of rotation. I was delighted to see how soon a relationship was formed between patient and student, as the  patient would expect the frequent adherence call check-in from student. Following the student’s completed rotation, I continued to follow this patient and discovered he had missed far less doses on treatment than in the first half of treatment. Through the student’s efforts, I felt satisfied as a preceptor of the impact the student made helping patient achieve Hep C cure.”
Dr. Lakdawala’s advice for other New Practitioners: “New Practitioners, regardless of how many years as a practicing pharmacist, can serve as a preceptor. You have gone through rotations as a student and our practicing as a pharmacist. This is your opportunity to make an impact on the profession, helping to pave the way forward by advancing education and the future of pharmacy. Start slow, ask for a student in the spring semester, or start by co-precepting with another pharmacist at your practice site. I also found value in having a colleague mentor me  when I started out precepting, helping me with planning, and any professional issues along the way.”
If you would like to nominate (or self-nominate) a candidate for a future spotlight, please contact APhA-APPM Preceptor SIG New Practitioner Chair Angela Olenik at angela.olenik@gmail.com.